Welcome to Blue Chicken and a Hook

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Welcome to my blog! This little spot in the world belongs to me, my blue chicken, and a hook.  Sounds a lot like the makings of a pirate movie you might say?  However, my blue chicken is really my blue and gold macaw parrot and my hook is a crochet hook.  The blue chicken’s real name is Wind Dancer.  I like “blue chicken” better because he’s blue and he struts like a chicken.  I love to crochet and my bird would prefer to sit on my shoulder all day, so I let him “help” me out from time to time.  Blue Chicken, Blue and gold macaw, macaw, parrot, crochet He really likes PINK!  However, on this day he felt like it was fun to pick up the ball and drop it, even if it was a tiny little ball he was having fun.

Hydrocephalus awareness, paracord, bracelet, hydrocephalus bracelet, hydro, hydrocephalus, kids with hydrocephalus, adults with hydrocephalus, awareness, hydrocephalus ribbon
Hydrocephalus Awareness Bracelet

So I am here to talk about crocheting, my blue chicken, share deals and freebies with you, and maybe tell you about a condition near and dear to me- Hydrocephalus.  I plan on sharing with you crochet patterns, stitches, contests, and other blogs.  If you are here more for the “bird news”, I will update you on the blue chicken and share other birdy references.  If you have any stories to share about crocheting, birds, good deals, free stuff, or Hydrocephalus I’m always happy to hear them.

Let’s have fun, blog, and do some “hooking”.

Barilla Pronto Pasta free sample from Smiley360



Update** I am also going to start including product reviews for free samples that I received. Just some general information about the samples I review:

  • I only review samples that I get completely free, no strings attached
  • I won’t post any links to scam sites that want you to buy something after completing 10 pages of questions (I hate those sites)
  • I give my honest opinions about items I get for free
  • I will share with you how to get your own free samples

These pictures shown are current samples I have signed up for and have either already received or will be receiving in the near future.  If you want to get samples like these just click here to join today.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Blue Chicken and a Hook

  1. Beautiful parrot. My grandparents had a macaw and an African grey when I was little. They had the birds for decades and they were family members with their own personality.


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