My Work In Process – Frog

This is my current work in process project.


Now I am NOT a fan of amigurumi, but I LOVE the way the finished project looks. I am doing this project for the big sister to a new baby to be born this year.  The baby is getting a tiger amigurumi a bonnet to match so big sis is getting this little frog and a frog hat. I can’t wait to finish this and see how it turns out. I don’t do many amigurumi because I cannot seem to get the eyes and limbs in the right places (poor things usually look very uncomfortable on my first try) and it takes me forever to get them to look normal. The eyes on this one still aren’t perfect but at least they aren’t totally obviously “off” looking. Yay me!
If any body has suggestions, I am happy to receive them. ☺

This pattern is free and can be found here:
Felix the Frog Amigurumi Pattern

Once you are there make sure you check out the tips and tutorials as they are wonderful!


2 thoughts on “My Work In Process – Frog

  1. That’s a darling frog, and so timely since April is Frog Celebration Month. I haven’t tried my hand at amigurumi yet, but I have a pattern I’d like to follow, and the yarn has been daring me for a while, hahaha. I’ve never thought of limb positioning to be an issue before, eeep. Now I’m even more wary of making some >.<



    1. I can’t wait to see how your experience goes with your first amigurumi project. They look so darn cute when they are finished but getting them to look that perfect takes practice. I’m also a perfectionist so I notice any little part that seems “off”.


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