Crochet Frog Amigurumi Update

Well I finished my frog!  I added my own little skirt on to her before I sent her off to her little girl owner.  This was a free pattern that can be found here.  I love the website where I found this pattern.  There are SO many cute patterns for FREE.  Check the site out, it is called and there are so many helpful articles and beautiful things to admire.

frog amigurumi3 frog amigurumi2

Ok this is just a quick update on my little frog toy. Amigurumi is so tedious and time consuming because the rounds are so small and it’s overall just a pain. So I have only made slight progress but at least it is something.

So far I feel like I have placed the legs and the one arm in places that look “ok”. The eyes seem a little off but if I adjust them slightly they also look OK! Yay me!

The mouth was the easiest part! Hehe I saw a tutorial on the same site as the pattern which made it so easy!!!

Now who is going to tackle an amigurumi project now?


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