My first crochet pattern- sandals

I have never been brave or confident enough to think I could just “create” something lovely with my crochet skills. That changed yesterday! I thought baby flip flops or sandals would be easy enough. I mean it’s a row and then down the other side until it’s big enough then add some straps. Well I wanted it colorful, so I chose some multi colored Peaches n Creme yarn I had and a solid purple (also P&C). As I tried to think of what design I wanted, I was trying to figure out something “different”, something to “stand out”. Well my first draft was too bulky and too “noisy” with all the yarn and colors. I left it for the night and asked for suggestions on a Facebook group.  I came home tonight and thinned down the straps and began to come up with a cool design. I wanted the toe strap to gradually get smaller as it crossed diagonal across the shoe. Then I couldn’t decide if I should use the solid side or the multi colored side of the sole.  Then I had a light bulb above my head moment and thought let’s make it reversible! Wow what a cool idea I say to myself. Then I think a cute button to hold the straps in place, then I realize no I wouldn’t want a button around a small child that may potentially become a choking hazzard. So I just created my own
“button” by crocheting a tight little circle. 

I feel very accomplished and proud of my very first pattern. 

Here is my reversi-shoe. (I just made that up, it is not a real word:D)



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