Smiley360 Barilla® Pronto Pasta Free Sample

10689567_10154005800377796_8134269632123167315_nI was recently send this exact sample that you see here for FREE!  There are 2 full size boxes of pasta!  Who doesn’t love pasta right?  Well this “new” pasta product is supposed to be a “unique pasta experience” by allowing you to fix your pasta in one pan and no draining required.  I never knew it was really that big of a deal to fix pasta and drain it? Who knew?

I finally had a chance to try this “unique” pasta product.  The concept seems ok to me, however, I most generally always add meat to my pasta dishes.  So what about the meat?  I followed the directions on the penne pasta box and put the pasta in a skillet, covered it in water.  However, now I’m looking at my hamburger cartoon_chicken_shirt_chicken_eat_beef_t_shirt-p235954461198238288adw9e_325wondering where do you go? I’m not going to cook the pasta then cook raw hamburger in the same pan.  So I went the traditional route and put the pasta in another pan and browned my hamburger in the skillet.

I do believe if your only using a sauce for your pasta this is a great idea, however if your planning on adding meat to your dish you have to brown it before you put the pasta in the skillet, which makes this “unique” experience more ordinary.

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