UV Ultraviolet reactive beads and glow in the dark bracelets

Ok the photo on my blog shows this wonderful little bracelet but I didn’t have anything posted about it. So here it is:

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UV Ultraviolet bead crochet bracelet

I don’t have a pattern written for this one yet.  These UV beads not only react to the sun during the day to tell you how strong the UV rays are but they will also glow in the dark at night!

Click this link to purchase your own beads.
500 UV Multi Color Changing Reactive Plastic Pony Beads

uv beads, uv, beads, glow in the dark, uv beaded bracelet
Ultraviolet reflective beads that glow in the dark

However, I do have one for my cuff bracelet which I will post on a separate post.

crochet, beads, beaded bracelet, uv beads, crochet bracelet, beaded bracelet, ultraviolet beads
Crocheted cuff bracelet with UV beads

These UV (Ultraviolet) beads are so much fun for summer! They can be used for kids at the beach, people out walking or running, or just as a fashion statement.


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