Fall Crochet Hats, Scarves, Totes, and Gloves Patterns

When it comes to this time of year I am always in the mood to make fall/winter gear.  I love trying new patterns!  I wanted to share here with you some of the things I have already made this year.  All the patterns I am sharing here are FREE!

Hydro Headband new3

Hydrocephalus, Head band. Crochet, awareness, ribbon, blue, ear warmer, hydro, hydrocephalus awareness headband

I make these for Hydrocephalus awareness.  Please read my story and our journey with Hydrocephalus in our family on my page within this blog.

pumpkin crochet, crochet bag, Halloween, Halloween crochet, candy basket, crochet basket, candy, orange, halloweenThis cute little crocheted Pumpkin basket with handles makes a great trick or treat bag or just a bag to hold candy, snacks, or crafting supplies.

Halloween glow in the dark, paracord bracelet, para cord, orange, glowing bracelet, glow in the dark, beads, bead bracelet

The basket pattern is free and can be found at http://www.petalstopicots.com/.

Star stitch hat pattern, star stitch, toddler crochet, crochet hat, star crochet, toddler, This adorable hat has a unique and cute little stitch they call the “star stitch”. I found this pattern on Ravelry here at  Knick Knack Hats and she does a wonderful explanation of how to do this stitch.  I just love grey and pink!  I will say that I noticed that when I tried the hat on my cutie model shown here that the rows with the star stitches seemed to be tight.  Maybe I was doing those stitches too tight, I’m not sure but I had to keep stretching it out to get that section to relax enough to fit her.

Star Stitch crochet pattern, pattern, crochet hat, toddler hat, crochet pattern hat, free hat pattern, crochet girls hat

crochet shrug, shrug, crochet jacket pattern, patterns, crochet, blackAHHH fall! That great time of year to bundle up and enjoy the season changes. This was the first shrug I made like this and the pattern really wasn’t that great to be honest.  The lady that posted it said that hey it’s free so there may be mistakes.  The photo makes the edging look like it will lay flat but I couldn’t get mine to do that at all and finally I just adjusted it so it would at least ruffle just to get it done.  Here is the link to her original pattern.

Crochet tote bag, tote bag, crochet bag, ombre, ombre bag, moogley bag, moogly bag, bag, crocheting, kids,I admit I am a BAG fanatic.  I LOVE making tote bags, I haven’t made a lot of them yet but so far the one I have made are so much fun!  This bag was originally done in a “ombre” theme of blue.  I changed it to match up the best I could with what yarn I had laying around.  I love how it turned out.  I really love to do things on the Moogly Blog and that is where this pattern came from.  She has some really neat stitches and her video tutorials are great and easy to learn the stitches.  This one uses a 2 dc cluster wrapped around the previous 2 stiches.  It’s super easy and once you get the hang of it this tote doesn’t take that long to make. I had no issues with her pattern. I used cotton yarn for almost all the rows on mine.  Her pattern is HERE.

crochet beret, kids beret, crochet hat, hats for kids, adult crochet, free patterns, free crochet pattern, blue crochet hatThis hat is so adorable on my model.  It was made to fit ME, but she had to try it on during our “photo shoot” and it was too cute not to take pictures.  The hat is super comfy and features post stitches making it look so cute.  I didn’t think I would ever get it done as it eats a lot of yarn with all those posts.  It can be worn as a beret style or just a little slouchy. There is a men’s version that is made as a slouchy style.  I got this pattern from crochetmagazine.com at this link for the Totally Tam hat.

crochet womens hat, womens hat, crochet, beret, blue, fabric, free pattern, crochet pattern

I found this pattern easy to follow and no issues with the stitches or how to do anything. It did take a while though.  Here is MY hat, I love how it looks and feels.

I love to make hats that have different textures and shapes. I just start making hats because I see a pattern I like and want to challenge myself to learn something new.  I make them for my family, for gifts, and just for fun sometimes.

Harlequin Scootie, Hoodie, Scarf, Head, crochet scoodie, crochet harlequin,

Ok this nifty item has several names.  What do you call them? I have seen them called hoodie, scootie, scarf with hood, hooded scarf, snood, or snood scarf just to name the ones I know.  What ever they are called they are amazing in cold weather.  This was the first one I made like this and I’m not sure I love the colors but again I was using yarn I had.  This pattern is called the Harlequin Hoodie- a hood with a cowl.  The FREE pattern is here.  You can do so many color combinations with this piece.  I started one pattern but ended with a different one based on what colors I had left.  Still not sure where this one will end up but it was fun to make.

bamboo yarn, crochet bamboo beanie, beanie, crochet hat, bamboo,

This may look like any ordinary crochet hat, however, it is not.  This yarn is Yarn Bee chunky yarn made of 63% bamboo, 27% cotton, and 10% acrylic.  I bought this yarn on clearance only because I LOVED how it felt in my hand.  I also remembered my boyfriend telling me he had a scarf once that was part bamboo and it was very warm.  So I bought this one skein and then went back a couple days later to get another one since they are only 3.5 oz. one wasn’t going to do much.  I then set out to find the perfect pattern for a men’s hat.  I finally picked this one called the surface braid hat by The Laughing Willow.  The link to their hat pattern is here.  The hat turned out perfect.  He absolutely cannot say enough great things about the hat and claims it’s the best he’s ever had.  He may be bias but he wouldn’t brag so much if it wasn’t true.  The bamboo yarn was easy to work with and the hat worked up really quickly.  He loves hats that are tight around his head and as you can see this one is a snug fit with this yarn type.   If you try this pattern and have any issues with the stitches just let me know and I’m happy to help.

Brain waves hat, camo hat, camoflauge hat, crochet camo, brain hat, Just a couple more hats I’ve made this year.  The camo hat is a pattern called Brain Waves by Playin Hooky Designs.  I actually made a mistake in the rows of this hat but my son loves it any way.  I’m in process of making him another one also a little longer so hopefully I get this one right.

Super soft crochet hat, crochet hat, hats, patterns, crochet hat pattern,

This hat was made with a little skein of yarn I bought on clearance. It wasn’t much so this hat is tiny, probably newborn size.  I made this pattern up as I went along. It was fun to work with.

Where are the gloves patterns you ask?funky wristers, wristers, crochet warm, crochet wrist warmers, crochet wristersWell I didn’t technically make these this year but I did make them for my granddaughter last winter.  I love, love, love, how cute they turned out. They are called Spunky Wristers and they are a FREE pattern from Lion Brand.  If you don’t have a Lion Brand log in already you will have to create one to get to the pattern.  These use the Lion Brand Bonbon yarn.  The little skeins of yarn look like they aren’t thick enough to do much but they work up great and easy.

I hope I have provided you with some fun ideas of things to get started on with my suggestions. If you visit any of these pages and have any questions about any of the projects just let me know and I’m happy to help!!!



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