Watermelon Bunny

The making of the watermelon bunny was so much fun! I first seen the bunny pattern going viral in my facebook groups and normally I shrug off doing crocheted animals. I tried a frog once (my previous blog about the frog is here) and I didn’t feel it was a huge success, I am not experienced at doing animals and being able to place arms and legs and eyes in the right place so I avoid it “generally”.  However, when I seen this bunny I fell in love! There was something about the adorable face I just couldn’t refuse it, so my watermelon bunny journey began.

The pattern suggests a 1.5 mm hook but I felt that would be way too small so I chose 4.0 mm hook. I also didn’t have the type of yarn in the pattern, I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn I had from a previous project. I also didn’t want to do my bunny in white, so the yarn color was more of a golden tan/brown.  I was a bit overwhelmed by reading the pattern incorporated a bunny skeleton/frame made of wire. I’ve never added wire to any of my projects but I knew I would figure it out if I was determined to do so.

crochet bunny, bunny head, crochet

First part was the head, now this is the head after it’s already been embellished with the eyes, mouth, and nose obviously but the head form was the first piece. It looked like a very strange shape before adding these parts but it all worked out.

Next step goes to the feet and legs, it was nice that the main part of the bunny was all one piece so there wasn’t much to actually try to attach in the right places.  Note the large holes in my feet. This was due to me not using the invisible decrease that the author of the pattern suggested and also using a bigger hook size.  You will see how I covered this mistake up with shoes!  The yellow things sticking out is the coated wire I used for the frame. I will admit it was quite a pain to try and crochet around the wire. I would much rather not insert wire but I wanted my bunny to be able to stand up.

Crochet bunny, crochet, bunny, amigurumi

After the feet and legs were done it was time to join them.  I ran out of the coated wire so I had to use some other bare wire for the remaining skeleton.  Again it was quite a journey to try and crochet around the wires sticking out everywhere, however, the legs came together nicely and it was pretty simple instructions.

This is the point where you would attach the ears and add the eyes, nose, and mouth to the bunny head.  The instructions are pretty easy to understand about how to get the points put in the right places to make the indention on the face in the right places.crochet bunny, amigurumi bunny, easter, crochet

Once everything is added to the head it’s time to attach the head to the body. I did have some issue with her head being wobbly, most likely because it was such a bigger scale. I just kept putting more support around the neck by continuing to sew around it.  The pattern had a couple cute dress patterns on it and ideas for clothes.  I did use the dress pattern for the dress and just made her shorts and the skirt on my own ideas.


Remember the holes in her feet? I just basically used the shoe pattern on the site only tried to make it very tight and used the invisible decrease stitch, I also did more rows so the shoe actually fit all the way up to her ankle.

I decided on the watermelon theme because I had those colors and it was something different. I added a necklace just to complete her look.  I also wanted to make sure her little cute bunny tale could be seen so I made the dress open in the back.


The FREE PATTERN for this cute bunny is here  Pretty Bunny Amigurumi Pattern


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